Building and Bookkeeping Your Online Business

If you have got your business idea already and established your business plan and budget, you may be ready to 'home-school' yourself with this primary course. 

Learn the BASICS of Building & Bookkeeping Your Online Business

It is a comprehensive workbook that covers an enormous amount of business details and tasks. It's focus covers Online Business but a good portion is related to most businesses. The workbook concept keeps all your notes within the book. Take a look at the Course Contents inside:

Module One:

  1. Pricing: All You Need to Know
  2. Working With Price Sensitive Buyers
  3. How to Achieve “Winning Price”
  4. Pricing According to the Type of Product
  5. Pricing Strategies That Improve Profit
  6. Price Skimming As a Pricing Strategy
  7. Is Psychological Pricing an Effective Strategy?
  8. Market Penetration Pricing
  9. Promotional Pricing
  10. Competitive Pricing
  11. Offering Discounts as a Part of Your Pricing Strategy
  12. Alternative Pricing Strategies
  13. Change Prices to Make Your Product More Appealing in Non-Price Ways 
  14. Value Based Pricing
  15. How To Know If Your Pricing Is Right?
  16. Description of Product / Service Worksheet
  17. Market Testing Your Product / Service for Demand Worksheet 
  18. How to Price Your Product / Service Worksheet
  19. How to Determine Shipping Costs for Products / Service Worksheet 
  20. How to Determine Your Overhead Costs Worksheet
  21. Determine Cost + Overhead Costs + Shipping Worksheet

Module Two:

  1. What Reasons Are There for Starting an Online Business?
  2. Things to be Considered Prior to Setting Up an Online Business
  3. How to Set Up a Business Plan for an Online Business
  4. What Types of Business Can You Have as an Online Business?
  5. How to Go About Setting Up an Online Business
  6. How to Set Up an Online Business on a Budget Just
  7. What is Affiliate Marketing & Why Become an Affiliate Marketer?
  8. Using an Online Payment Service for my Online Business
  9. How do You Go About Marketing Your Online Business?
  10. How to Set Up Your Business Bookkeeping System

Module Three:

  1. Computer Briefs & Basics (Information) 
  2. Computer Training (Resources)
  3. Work at Home Jobs (Resources)
  4. Email Accounts (Tools)
  5. Hosting Accounts (Tools)
  6. Website Builders (Tools)
  7. Buy ‘Ready to Go’ Websites (Resources)
  8. Programs to Receive Your Sales (Tools)
  9. Creating Terms of Conditions & Privacy Policies (Information)
  10. Content Building (Resources)
  11. Affiliate Accounts (Information)
  12. Social Media (Tools)
  13. Directory Listings (Information)
  14. SEO – Search Engine Optimization (Resources) 
  15. Google (Tools)
  16. Business Daily Operations (Information) 

Module 4:

  1. How to Start an Online Business 
  2. Creating A Sellable Product
  3. The Importance of Over-Delivering 
  4. Getting the Word Out
  5. Ethical Marketing
  6. Building a Customer Base
  7. Benefits of Joint Ventures
  8. Pre-Selling - The Art of Building Anticipation 
  9. The Importance of Selling
  10. Outsourcing Your Business

Module 5:

  1. Business Bookkeeping & Operations
  2. Clear the Confusion
  3. Filing /Label System - WS 3 Filing System Labels Avery 5366 
  4. Business Organization - WS 4-5-6-7 Calendars/WS 8 Acct# Record 
  5. Bank Reconciliation - WS 9 - 12 Month Bank Reconciliation Payroll-WS 10 
  6. Employee Detail Form/WS 11 - 1 Week 
  7. Payroll Cash Flow Projections - WS 12 Cash Flow Projections
  8. Inventory Control - WS 13 Physical Inventory Control
  9. Vehicle Expense Log - WS 14 Vehicle Expense
  10. Asset Pool - WS 15 Asset Tracking Report
  11. Year End - WS 16 Year End Checklist
  12. Bookkeeping Program Software
  13. Filing Your Business Income Tax 

Learn the BASICS of Building & Bookkeeping Your Online Business Course is downloadable and you may prints only the pages you require.

Home-Schooling Course on How to Set Up & Market Your Own Online Business just $37.00